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I am a San Francisco based photographer specializing in unique maternity and human form photography...I like to play with shadow and light to create an artistic view of the body. My clients come to me for a variety of reasons...some want to celebrate a moment in time such as pregnancy, some want to give an intimate gift to their partner, some want promotional material for their own businesses, and some want to feel better about an insecurity by photographing it in a beautiful way. Whatever your reasons, I will work with you to draw out your best self, and deliver artistic images you can be proud of. Email me for more information or to schedule a sitting at

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Q: I’m afraid I won’t look as good as the poeple in the photos…

Everyone is beautiful, and it’s my job to position and light you in a way that produces the most pleasing images. I will show you the photos on the camera as we move along to make sure you are happy during the shoot. Not one of the people in these photos are ‘perfect’, and truly every single one of them said at some point, “I can’t believe that’s me!” It makes me smile every time. My hope is that you will come away feeling better about your body than you did before.

Q: I like maternity photos, but I’m so big, I don’t think it’s for me…

I can’t tell you how many women have seen my work and said, ‘I wish I had done this when I was pregnant.’ It’s such an amazing transformation, the trick is to do the shoot in the sweet spot, around the beginning of the 7th month. Your belly will be full and round, but you’ll still be able to lay down flat, and I promise you won’t regret it. If you want Dad in the photos too, he is welcome to join us!

Q: My skin isn’t that nice…

I use a lighting technique that makes everyones skin take on a beautiful gold tone…even the palest women look sun-kissed.

Q: Why so many headless photos?

In a word, privacy. A lot of my business comes from word of mouth, and I want my clients to be able to recommend my photography services while still maintaining their own privacy and anonymity if they send someone to my site. I only use client approved photos for self-promotion, so one will know a photo is of you unless you tell them.

Q: Where are the photos taken?

I have a private studio in my home, or I can come to you. If you prefer to be in your own home, I will do a scouting session before the shoot date to ensure we can capture the proper light and space. There is an additional $100 charge to come to you (within 100 miles of San Francisco) which covers travel for both the scouting visit and the day of the shoot.

Q: What do clients get?

Some clients want digital images, some want prints to display, and some want to make a formal book (like a wedding album with printed pages). I have packages to cover all desired delivery methods, you can start with the basic one and upgrade when you see your photos. You can also add a high quality 24×36″ mounted canvas print to an existing package.

Q: What is the process?

Clients make an appointment through the book now button, by email, or by calling. We will set a date for your shoot and talk a little bit about you and what you are looking for in the photos. On the day of the shoot, the basic package price will be due. After shooting you will immediately get to see the images, and have several poses and lighting scenarios to choose from. If you want prints or a book, we can order them then, or you can take your thumb drive home and decide. If you do order a book or prints, the balance will be due when the final media is delivered. Please note it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery of a premium album, so if you are looking to give one as a gift for a specific date, start planning 2 months in advance.

Jennifer Stubbs
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